Don’t we all delight in knowing more about how others distinguish the essence of who we are?

You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts, is a book about adding to the happiness of others. It is about enhancing relationships and uplifting Hearts by choosing intentions that deepen connections. It is about telling people what they mean to you. We all listen carefully to what makes us distinctive, extraordinary, and captivating. The perceptions of others are important, because they can inspire us to become the best versions of who we are.

Within each chapter, you will encounter uncomplicated, yet powerful tools that will allow you to bring out the best in others, by revealing the essence of who they are and the Intangible Gifts they possess.  Along the way, you will also discover why, You Are So You!

Presented in an entertaining and easy to follow format, You Are So You! is filled with Heart intentions, illustrative tales, rejuvenating activities, questions to spark your imagination,  personalized Heart Messages, and Engage your Heart exercises. This is a book designed to touch your heart and enhance your ability to excel in the art of giving Intangible Gifts to the people who have helped to shape your world. It is an inspiring gift to give or receive.


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Shirley Moore

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Rita Akao

    As an artist I was so totally impressed with the beautiful butterfly art work. It really is very
    engaging and compliments your message from the heart perfectly in your book.
    On a personal level I can truly relate to your wanting to show the meaning of encouraging others,
    and what a difference it makes in the lives of others.
    I do the same with “My Art from the Heart” works on wood, paper and words.
    All the best with your book making the world a better place with what you know and love!


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