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ShirleyMooreAuthorPicShirley Moore lives with her husband at Lake Tahoe, where she loves to play with ideas, combinations, and connections.

Life is most fun when she is exploring something new, inspiring others, and sharing ideas. She would rather be outside than inside, except when she is writing. She enjoys being a member of High Sierra Writers, where she is connected to other creative people. It is easiest for her to contact her imagination when she is hiking, kayaking , or fly-fishing. She also finds herself in a state of flow when she is reading a good book, practicing yoga, watching the slow descent of a snowflake, or simply staring at the sunset. She is always searching for those energies, which make her feel more aware and alive.

Somewhere in her closet is a box, tied with a silk ribbon. It contains a
diploma for a Masters in Counseling and another for a Masters in Educational Administration. Her professional background has emphasized Experiential Education,
Entrepreneurship, and Adventure Travel.

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