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What Would Love Do?


The beginning of February signals the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. For lovers of snow it is a time to wonder how long Winter’s powder will continue, for lovers of football it is a time to wonder who will win the Super Bowl and for lovers of romance, it is a time to wonder how to reveal our hearts on Valentine’s Day. 

What if  we thought of February as the month to give Intangible Gifts as a form of Valentine? After all, it is rarely the actual Valentine that makes our heart go thump, thump, thump, but rather the Heart Message that is being sent. You know the feeling: The warm rush of delight that engulfs you and illuminates your heart, leaving you feeling cherished and valued. Hearing genuine words from the heart makes us feel lighter, more confident, more aligned and more nourished.

One of the simplest ways to transform your relationships is to spotlight for people the best versions of themselves in a Heart Message. A Heart Message is a way to share with others how you feel about them and what they mean to you.  The message expresses the qualities you appreciate in others by divulging the ways in which someone’s Intangible Gifts have magnified your life.

All of us Valentines are curious about how others distinguish the essence of who we are. The Valentines of your world are awaiting, with a sense of shining expectancy, to hear what you think is exceptional about them. When they discover that they have inspired you in some way, each one is bound to be filled with an artisan energy. Holding a breath in anticipation, your Valentine is hoping you will communicate what is unique about them. Yes, we all want to know the Intangible Gifts we possess that others respect, admire or adore.

 Permit curiosity to direct you along the pathways leading to the places in your heart. Go in search of the Valentines who reside there and turn your positive thoughts into positive energy by creating a Heart Messages.

Share it with your Valentine.


Note: Each day until Valentine’s Day, I will post a photo on my Author Facebook page to inspire you. (Shirley Moore, Author) Please join me. Think randomly and out of sequence by jotting down a Heart Message that leaps to mind when you view the photo.





Run With Me to Serendipity

My story begins with a fortunate turn.

It glows from a Spark into a Flame and the promise of empowerment that warms our hearts.

There are feminine energies at play, offering their own aliveness.

Transformations are a foot.

The stars align.

An ageless knowing emerges.

The ancients whisper an intention from the depths of time.

“Prepare your heart to be amazed. Show gratitude for the unseen miracles yet to occur.”

A sudden rustling in the wilderness occurs and a Totem voice beckons:

Run with me, says the Wolf.

Run with me to Serendipity.

Run with me through a landscape of imagination, myth and magic.

Run with me along the labyrinth of shifting consciousness, that leads to your vein of gold.

Run with me in search of your untamed spirit, you Wild Woman.



Follow me to Serendipity.

I can sense your beautiful vibrations.

Along the way you will encounter enlivened experiences.

Your perspectives will alter, left brain to right.

You shall feed your hunger to learn by gathering wisdom.

The journey will be long. Fill your being with self-expression, and creativity. Bring along your succulent selves and salves. Include a dose of poetry and your healing drum.

Focus your Artists eye on signs from the Universe.

Unveil your instincts. Follow the scent of your own intuition.

Be attuned to the beat of your inner rhythms. Find your voice. Try out new vocalizations.

Howl! Let your voice be heard.

Embrace uncertainty. Mind the map.

My Wolf tracks will guide you to the Way Opening.

My Wolf medicine will be the guardian of your Heart’s Desires.                       

                             Step over the threshold.

                                      Look Within.

Pinecone Delights

IMG_1614 IMG_1616For decades we have walked down our one way road each morning. We know every bump and crack along the route, so you can imagine our surprise when recently, strategically placed pinecones began appearing. Yes, the random pinecones that fell in disarray the night before were still evident, but these pinecones were different. They glistened atop granite rocks, they lined the curbsides, they saluted us from wooden posts, they decorated the neighbors stair rails. Their purpose and their artistry were a mystery.

Who was re-arranging the pinecones and why?

In the days to follow, these questions continued to dominate our conversation and our curiosity. We invented games, which revolved around spotting newly positioned pinecones. Nor could we resist altering the pinecones. Moving, relocating, stacking, creating variations on the pinecone sculptures became our interactive exercise as we walked.

But the question of why the pinecones were appearing remained; until one morning we saw our prime suspect walking toward us. We asked if she was the creative force behind the pinecones, to which she gleefully admitted, “I am.” Hearing her explain the emergence of the Pinecone Delights touched our hearts.

How does one provide comfort when someone else has experienced a devastating life event? Her display of pinecones was intended to lift the spirits of one of our neighbors, who had lost his son just before the new year. She wanted him to encounter a series of small surprises as he walked his dog each day, a distraction from grief. The pinecones are Unexpected Delights not only for him, but for all of us who became an unknowing part of this loving act. We hope our engagement with the pinecones has perpetuated the delight and brought additional joy. A clear intention to comfort and this simple, yet inventive act of kindness has uplifted all our hearts.

Can you think of an unexpected delight that has uplifted your heart today?

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuos small treats.” -Iris Murdoch from The Sea, the Sea


Unexpected Delights





The appearance of a hummingbird in this photo was an Unexpected Delight for me! My focus had been on an early Spring bloom on the California coast, but this hummingbird must have floated into the scene just as I clicked my cell phone camera. Hummingbirds are amazing creatures that awaken the sense of wonder in us all. This one was no exception. Appearing in January at the beginning of a new year’s cycle was even more extraordinary, since the hummingbird signals a time of new nectar in our lives and reminds us that our dreams are closer to being fulfilled. The hummingbird traditionally heralds joy and accomplishment, the promise of success and renewed health. What better time than right now to begin a new story in our lives and set about uplifting hearts in our own unique ways.

I am thrilled when unexpected delights appear, because they allow us to invite Adventure into our routine. If you want to begin the year feeling exhilarated, create a Heart Intention of exploring new experiences.

Here is an example from You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts

Heart Intention

 Raise vibrations. Explore new experiences.

A Bold Heart explores connections by initiating adventures.It concentrates on what is happening outside your comfort zone. It will seek out new experiences. Its message will be one of anticipation and daring. When we discover it, we feel exhilarated.

Be an Unexpected Delight. Try to touch someones heart, the very pulse of all life forms. Turn a routine into an adventure of delight, rhythm, power and warmth.


“It is a miracle if you can find true friends, and it is a miracle if you have enough to eat, and it is a miracle if you get to spend your days and evenings doing whatever it is you like to do….” Limony Snicket, The Lump of Coal


I will share some additional “Unexpected Delights” in my next blog. In the meantime, please feel free to leave a Reply at the top of the page telling of any “Unexpected Delights that you have encountered. I will feature one of your Unexpected Delights in my end of January Newsletter.



A Toast To Those Who Mean the Most





To Nearest
To Dearest
To the Crew
To Cahoots
To the Ones Who’ve Been There
To the Ones Who’ll Be There
To Dropping Everything
To Saying Anything
To No Judgements
To No Doubts
To Loyalty
To Trust
To Favors
To Lifelongs
To Been Too Long
To Nothing’s Changed
To Having History
To Having Your Back
To Moving Away
To Never Too Far
To Growing Up
To Settling Down
To Your Second Family



New Year’s Tips

Spread Joy by Uplifting Hearts

I would like to wish you a glorious, fulfilling and creative new year. The striking of the clock at midnight on January 1st will signify a new beginning.
To quote one exquisite thinker, Ralph Waldo Emerson, “You have done what you could—some blunders and absurdities have crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

It is with this sage advice in mind that I offer up some tips to start your new year off on a joyous note:

Set Your Heart Intentions for the year.

What if your intention was to show others the best version of themselves? Perhaps you want to be open to new perspectives or reveal your adoring heart more often. There are limitless possibilities. You can discover more examples of Heart Intentions in each chapter of You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts. 

Give Intangible Gifts all year long.
Let others know what is exceptional, unique, or inspirational about them. It will help them find the person they aspire to be. When you share the qualities you admire and respect in others, you add to their happiness and your own by creating a feeling of connection and a bond of belonging.



 The Holidays are fast approaching. It is a season of great anticipation, traditions, preparations and opportunities to get together. Thanksgiving, one of the first of these Gatherings, is a time not only to reflect upon what we are grateful for, but also a time to be more aware of how we welcome and include others. Giving and receiving the Intangible Gift of Hospitality plays a significant role at Thanksgiving. Yes, sitting down to a golden brown turkey with all the trimmings is wonderful, but what we want to remember when the leftovers are gone, is a feeling of warmth and belonging. That feeling begins with our greeting. How we greet each other determines the type and the tone of the experience that we will share. So pause for a moment to give some thought to the mood you want to create for this Thanksgiving. Making others feel welcomed and included is one of the key ways in which we can deepen our connections. Be the Gentle Eyes that Welcomes others and create the kind of interactions that will build bonds that endure.

             Remember, we all want to be given our own special greeting.

            How would you like to be greeted on Thanksgiving Day?

Please feel free to Leave a Reply!


Based on the Heart Tale: Say “Hello” With Your Eyes, You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts




Interludes, Transitions. Leaves let go.

P1080895The air is different. It has a different smell. The last vestiges of summer are vanishing before my eyes. I have said goodbye to the final rose of summer, inhaled the fragrance of the remaining bloom of honeysuckle and wished our lone hummingbird on his way. Letting go of the long, lingering days of summer is not easy.

Then I remember, this is a transition time called Indian Summer and it is my favorite season of the year. Indian summer insists that we live in the present. It invites us to be alert and intrigued by what is unfolding right in front of us. It is time to allow our eyes to adjust to the fading palette of spent blooms. It is a time when our senses begin to notice the texture and the tarnish of things. It is a time to be more aware of the spare details, the sculptural elements, the twisted stems, the interesting architectural shapes, the repeating patterns.

See how the light takes on a different quality. There is an intimacy created by the light on fall foliage that starts us thinking about change. Shapes alter. Forms sharpen. Tones become muted. We hear a rustle that reminds us to look closer. Look at us quake, whisper the leaves. Notice the allure of our colors and shapes. See how we are constantly shifting and diffusing into yellows and reds and oranges. Cherish our last blaze of energy and captured sunlight.

There is an autumn glow that illuminates grasses, and seeds and pods, all things that we failed to notice during the rampant colors of summer. There is something about the cool nights and starry skies that makes us see more clearly. Suddenly we feel more productive, a quickening, a desire to gather and collect. Indian Summer teaches us to be aware of the passage of time and to welcome transformation into our life. The Autumn season reminds us of the cycle of growth and the power of maturing. It reminds us to acknowledge those things, people and ideas that we value.

Send a message from your heart to someone who has inspired you!    Enclose a fallen leaf.






Where does Inspiration come from and how do we recognize it?

In the case of my book, You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts, it has taken me a long time to figure out the answer to this question. When I was single, living alone and in my twenties  (it seems like the merest of moments ago), I became conscious of how important my circle of friends and my family were to me. I sometimes wondered:

Who would I turn to If…

I actually made a list of the people I would turn to: If I needed comforting, if I needed advice, if I needed someone to share my interest and enthusiasms, if I needed cheering up or encouragement… the list was long and evolving.

I do believe in drawing on my own inner strength for support, but I know from experience that having varied relationships and true connections in my life plays a major role in my well being.

Years later I saw what has become a favorite movie for me: Four Weddings and a Funeral. In one of the funeral scenes, a poem by W.H. Auden is recited: “He was my North, my South, my East and West.” It is a touching tribute to love. Hearing this poem conveyed such a tremendous emotional impact, that it altered my thinking. I began to view people not from the vantage point of need, but rather from a heightened awareness of what the people who inhabit my world mean to me. The seeds for You Are So You! sprung from this moment, but it wasn’t until much later in time, when a friend gave me a set of handwritten You Are… messages, that I finally realized I had discovered the key to writing the book I had always dreamed of.

There is more! It involves a Creativity Box that is an idea that has had a positive impact on my life. I will share Moore Ideas about it next time.

Until then, think about a project in which you have been or are currently involved. Trace the beginnings of your inspiration.



Welcome to Mooreideas!

Ideas are my motivation. Sometimes my mind is inundated with ideas, observations, and insights that I am eager to share. I love the whole idea of Ideas: brainstorming, discovering new ways of thinking and being, experimenting with unusual combinations, and searching for trends, patterns and connections. I hope my enthusiasm will inspire you to create your own Ideas. I see the world though a lens of appreciation and I am always on the look out for those energies, be it people or places, that make me feel uplifted. I hope that MooreIdeas will be one of those places for you!

Shirley Moore