The Holidays are fast approaching. It is a season of great anticipation, traditions, preparations and opportunities to get together. Thanksgiving, one of the first of these Gatherings, is a time not only to reflect upon what we are grateful for, but also a time to be more aware of how we welcome and include others. Giving and receiving the Intangible Gift of Hospitality plays a significant role at Thanksgiving. Yes, sitting down to a golden brown turkey with all the trimmings is wonderful, but what we want to remember when the leftovers are gone, is a feeling of warmth and belonging. That feeling begins with our greeting. How we greet each other determines the type and the tone of the experience that we will share. So pause for a moment to give some thought to the mood you want to create for this Thanksgiving. Making others feel welcomed and included is one of the key ways in which we can deepen our connections. Be the Gentle Eyes that Welcomes others and create the kind of interactions that will build bonds that endure.

             Remember, we all want to be given our own special greeting.

            How would you like to be greeted on Thanksgiving Day?

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Based on the Heart Tale: Say “Hello” With Your Eyes, You Are So You! The Path to Uplifting Hearts





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