Welcome to Mooreideas!

Ideas are my motivation. Sometimes my mind is inundated with ideas, observations, and insights that I am eager to share. I love the whole idea of Ideas: brainstorming, discovering new ways of thinking and being, experimenting with unusual combinations, and searching for trends, patterns and connections. I hope my enthusiasm will inspire you to create your own Ideas. I see the world though a lens of appreciation and I am always on the look out for those energies, be it people or places, that make me feel uplifted. I hope that MooreIdeas will be one of those places for you!

Shirley Moore


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Mooreideas!

    1. mooreideas Post author

      Hi Jan,
      Sorry for the delay in responding to your very encouraging words. As you have probably heard, the book has been released on Amazon. I would love to personalize any copies that you wish. Just let me know.


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