Interludes, Transitions. Leaves let go.

P1080895The air is different. It has a different smell. The last vestiges of summer are vanishing before my eyes. I have said goodbye to the final rose of summer, inhaled the fragrance of the remaining bloom of honeysuckle and wished our lone hummingbird on his way. Letting go of the long, lingering days of summer is not easy.

Then I remember, this is a transition time called Indian Summer and it is my favorite season of the year. Indian summer insists that we live in the present. It invites us to be alert and intrigued by what is unfolding right in front of us. It is time to allow our eyes to adjust to the fading palette of spent blooms. It is a time when our senses begin to notice the texture and the tarnish of things. It is a time to be more aware of the spare details, the sculptural elements, the twisted stems, the interesting architectural shapes, the repeating patterns.

See how the light takes on a different quality. There is an intimacy created by the light on fall foliage that starts us thinking about change. Shapes alter. Forms sharpen. Tones become muted. We hear a rustle that reminds us to look closer. Look at us quake, whisper the leaves. Notice the allure of our colors and shapes. See how we are constantly shifting and diffusing into yellows and reds and oranges. Cherish our last blaze of energy and captured sunlight.

There is an autumn glow that illuminates grasses, and seeds and pods, all things that we failed to notice during the rampant colors of summer. There is something about the cool nights and starry skies that makes us see more clearly. Suddenly we feel more productive, a quickening, a desire to gather and collect. Indian Summer teaches us to be aware of the passage of time and to welcome transformation into our life. The Autumn season reminds us of the cycle of growth and the power of maturing. It reminds us to acknowledge those things, people and ideas that we value.

Send a message from your heart to someone who has inspired you!    Enclose a fallen leaf.





One thought on “Interludes, Transitions. Leaves let go.

  1. Geri Yount

    You paint a picture with your beautiful words! I can see, smell and feel the vibrant autumn we are currently experiencing here in our home, Lake Tahoe, as I read your eloquent description. You have expressed it so brilliantly in your blog bringing it to life. You are an inspiration…….You are so YOU!!!

    Love you,


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