Pinecone Delights

IMG_1614 IMG_1616For decades we have walked down our one way road each morning. We know every bump and crack along the route, so you can imagine our surprise when recently, strategically placed pinecones began appearing. Yes, the random pinecones that fell in disarray the night before were still evident, but these pinecones were different. They glistened atop granite rocks, they lined the curbsides, they saluted us from wooden posts, they decorated the neighbors stair rails. Their purpose and their artistry were a mystery.

Who was re-arranging the pinecones and why?

In the days to follow, these questions continued to dominate our conversation and our curiosity. We invented games, which revolved around spotting newly positioned pinecones. Nor could we resist altering the pinecones. Moving, relocating, stacking, creating variations on the pinecone sculptures became our interactive exercise as we walked.

But the question of why the pinecones were appearing remained; until one morning we saw our prime suspect walking toward us. We asked if she was the creative force behind the pinecones, to which she gleefully admitted, “I am.” Hearing her explain the emergence of the Pinecone Delights touched our hearts.

How does one provide comfort when someone else has experienced a devastating life event? Her display of pinecones was intended to lift the spirits of one of our neighbors, who had lost his son just before the new year. She wanted him to encounter a series of small surprises as he walked his dog each day, a distraction from grief. The pinecones are Unexpected Delights not only for him, but for all of us who became an unknowing part of this loving act. We hope our engagement with the pinecones has perpetuated the delight and brought additional joy. A clear intention to comfort and this simple, yet inventive act of kindness has uplifted all our hearts.

Can you think of an unexpected delight that has uplifted your heart today?

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuos small treats.” -Iris Murdoch from The Sea, the Sea



12 thoughts on “Pinecone Delights

  1. toni lowden

    A former classmate of my husband’s was holding an Estate sale and downsizing, and sent me one of the Sake porcelain pots which I had admired on our last visit. The Blue and White pottery of Japan has always been a favorite of mine,, and he remembered!

  2. Allegra Atkinson

    I remember when first living at Tahoe collecting sugar pine cones while wearing a fleece which -repositor of
    conifer treasures- became sticky with sap- an inconvenience worth the price of extraordinary cones preserved.

    1. mooreideas Post author

      Sugar pines are my favorite! A wonderful reminder that sometimes inconvenience lead to unexpected delights.

  3. Geri Yount

    What a lovely and thoughtful unexpected delight! It is wonderful for us to see as we drive down your street. Mother Nature’s helpful creatures at work!

  4. Pinecone Princess

    Tee Hee. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them and have recognized the whimsey and spirit from which the idea came. Thank you so much for brightening each day for me as I too partook in the ever changing and proceedingly clever treasure hunt of cones.

  5. Rosemary

    I love the pine cone story!
    I was in Sydney Australia recently and went to Manly Beach to send a “sea message” to my grandchildren who live near the coast in California. I told them before I left that I would go to the Pacific Ocean in Sydney and write their names and a heart in the wet sand. Then I would watch the gentle foamy waves wash their names and the heart away and take a message of love back across the ocean to California! This is exactly what I did 🙂 If I knew how to do it I would attach a photo of this event.


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