Run With Me to Serendipity

My story begins with a fortunate turn.

It glows from a Spark into a Flame and the promise of empowerment that warms our hearts.

There are feminine energies at play, offering their own aliveness.

Transformations are a foot.

The stars align.

An ageless knowing emerges.

The ancients whisper an intention from the depths of time.

“Prepare your heart to be amazed. Show gratitude for the unseen miracles yet to occur.”

A sudden rustling in the wilderness occurs and a Totem voice beckons:

Run with me, says the Wolf.

Run with me to Serendipity.

Run with me through a landscape of imagination, myth and magic.

Run with me along the labyrinth of shifting consciousness, that leads to your vein of gold.

Run with me in search of your untamed spirit, you Wild Woman.



Follow me to Serendipity.

I can sense your beautiful vibrations.

Along the way you will encounter enlivened experiences.

Your perspectives will alter, left brain to right.

You shall feed your hunger to learn by gathering wisdom.

The journey will be long. Fill your being with self-expression, and creativity. Bring along your succulent selves and salves. Include a dose of poetry and your healing drum.

Focus your Artists eye on signs from the Universe.

Unveil your instincts. Follow the scent of your own intuition.

Be attuned to the beat of your inner rhythms. Find your voice. Try out new vocalizations.

Howl! Let your voice be heard.

Embrace uncertainty. Mind the map.

My Wolf tracks will guide you to the Way Opening.

My Wolf medicine will be the guardian of your Heart’s Desires.                       

                             Step over the threshold.

                                      Look Within.


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